Prometheus - Ridley Scott Super Secret Project Looks A Lot Like ALIEN - Interview

Prometheus - Official Still
Ridley Scott did an interview from the San Diego Comic-Con this year about his upcoming secret project - "Prometheus".
He doesn't say much about it but pictures seem to allude to an "Alien" prequel covering the events that led up to the crash of the alien ship in the first Alien film.  A number of photos were leaked by an unknown source to Ain't It Cool News (AICN) which have since been taken down.  I did get a chance to see them and everything from the costuming to set design seemed to indicate that Ridley Scott was indeed revisiting his Sci-fi epics roots. IMDB info with the full cast is HERE.

Prometheus - Official Still

Scheduled release date for "Prometheus" is June 8th 2012. Sign up to receive updates and first look info for "Prometheus"!

Ridley Scott Interview from 2011 Comic-Con.


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