OK so it's chasing down bad guy Aliens instead of genetically mutated Androids that may or may not dream of electronic Sheep, but you get my drift.

The Gothic architecture, foggy landscapes and city at night darkness drop you into the first person shooter world of 'Prey 2'.  With a firm release date yet unknown (best guess 2012), you can look forward to knowing that Bethesda Softworks, makers of 'Fallout 3' as well as Human Head and 3D Realms have your best interests in mind.

The trailer is just a visual masterpiece of style and gameplay.  The Noir style stands out against the futuristic equipment with eerie glows of neon and smoke.  It's almost like you could smell the place.

For your consideration is the latest Prey 2 Trailer guaranteed to get the juices flowing.

 Next up is an interview from Gamespot with Prey 2 Developer Matt Bisenius, who discusses the "Agile Combat" which I guess will mimic what is seen in the Prey 2 Trailer above. Also discussed are the numerous weapons and upgrades you can achieve as you progress through the game.

Here's more on gameplay and Prey 2 Development with Chris Rhinehart from Bethesda Softworks with a voiceover commentary on how the story of Prey 2 meshes with the first, very different, 'Prey'.

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