3 Great Video Tutorials from PSDVault Group on DeviantART.com

PSDVault.com artwork
  Founded January 29th, 2011, the PSDVault group on DeviantART.com has become a treasure trove of many styles of
art and artisans alike.  Also with a WEBSITE and YOUTUBE Page, PSDVault seeks to spread the word about great art and how to better achieve it.

Below are some of the tutorial offerings on their YouTube Page.  For more tutorials and info on how to join their DeviantART group (yes, i'm a member), check them out on PSDVault.com and on DeviantART.com.

Photoshop Tutorial - Adding Vexel Hair in Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial - Working with Layer Masks

Photoshop Tutorial - Define Custom Particle Brush via Brush Options


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