10 Photoshop Tutorials On YouTube With Over 1 Million Views!

   Photoshop Tutorials are plentiful on YouTube, but alas, all Tutorials are not created equal. Below is a small part of a much larger collection that I have assembled on my YouTube page, categorizing dozens of the highest viewed Photoshop Tutorials from around the globe.  Below are a selection of the All-Time Top Viewed Tutorials
on YouTube.

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1. SPIDER-MAN Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia
16,600,000+ Views

Digital Painting is a specialty in Photoshop where the artist uses a pressure sensitive pen and tablet to 'paint' just like you would on a traditional canvass, except you have the ability to infinitely Undo any mistakes.

Here, artist Nico Di Mattia shows us the correct way to bring to life a comic book legend.

 2. Extreme (Photoshop) Makeover
13,000,000+ Views

A collection of magazine quality Photoshop Retouch work before and after shots, showing the incredible difference from beginning photograph to finished product.

3. Susan Boyle Transformation
9,980,000+ Views

Susan Boyle is known for her singing and not so much her looks, so thank you Photoshop for giving this beautiful voice an equally beautiful Retouch.

4. Photoshop Breast Augmentation
5,200,000+ Views

(Ahem) In this Photoshop Tutorial, we learn the hard way that the girl you meet online may be completely unrecognizable in person.  Ladies take heart, no need for expensive surgery, you just need the Warp Filter.

5. How To Draw An Eye (Part 1)
4,900,000+ Views

A Digital Painting Photoshop Tutorial that will give you the close up view you need to finally get rid of red-eye in photographs in the most over the top way humanly possible.

6. Beauty Is A Product Of Photoshop
3,600,000+ Views

A Speed Retouch  Tutorial look at the facial transformations that can be accomplished by a skilled Photo Manipulator with the help of some Photoshop, that is.

 7. MEGAN FOX - SpeedPainting By Nico Di Mattia
3,400,000+ Views

NO THAT IS NOT A PHOTOGRAPH! - It's just Nico Di Mattia taking you to school with another Top Ten Speed Paint of Transformers star, Megan Fox.  Photoshop has never been so easy to watch.

8. Photoshop Extreme Makeover - Angela Talbot´s Old Lady
3,100,000+ Views

Incredible demonstration of Photo Manipulation and Retouch skills put to test as we watch a little old lady get a Photoshop makeover and become a 20 something classic beauty.

9. Invisible Clothing Effect - Adobe Photoshop
3,000,000+ Views

Usually referred to as the X-Ray Effect, this is a quick glimpse (ahem) tutorial of how to Photoshop the clothes off your friends and loved ones.

10. Avatar Navi Transformation With Adobe Photoshop CS4
1,100,000+ Views

Just breaking the Million Viewer mark is a tutorial on how to live out your own personal Avatar (or possibly Captain Kirk) fantasy of blue folk running around in lush green lands, or a least on your computer desktop.  What better tool than Photoshop to create a creature that was dreamed up in... Photoshop.

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